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Peppermint flavor

A “Full-Spectrum” plant-based oil solution to traditional pharmaceuticals.

Don’t be confused with “CBD isolate,” which is stripped of all the characteristics of the plant that hold the necessary cannabinoids (CBD).

Our medical hemp is grown to produce high quantities of cannabinoids (CBD). In just one medicinal hemp plant, over 100 different cannabinoids can be found – each with its own health benefits.

peppermint flavor
Bacon flavor
bacon flavor

Cannabinoids interact with receptors in the central and peripheral nervous system to help maintain balance in the body of our pets and bring them into a state of true health.

Cannabinoid receptors (known as CB1 & CB2) help regulate a wide range of bodily functions, including pain relief, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, mood and more.

Infused with bacon, your pet will love the taste while reaping the healing benefits of CBD.

CBD Moisturizer

Lavender & citrus essential oils calm the mind & uplift mood as the argan oil, shea and mango butter enrich the skin.

Each 1/2 oz container guarantees 550 mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids.

CBD Salve

Refresh & revitalize your cells with the power of CBD intertwined with invigorating essential oils – peppermint, wintergreen & eucalyptus.

Paired with organic olive oil & beeswax to nourish your skin and leave it soft & supple. 

Each 1 oz tin guarantees 1000 mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids.

Massage Oil

Jojoba & CBD oil – nature got it right the first time. This perfect fusion delivers unbeatable moisture without any greasy aftermath.

Each 8 oz bottle guarantees 1500 mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids.


Why Caballero CBD?

Caballero CBD strives to create the highest quality CBD products on the market.

Grown in the rugged mountains of Colorado, our hemp plants drink water from the top of Pike’s Peak and thrive in fields of recycled organic biomass, free of pesticides. Picked & shucked by hand, the hemp is then dried, broken down, and chilled at freezing temperatures to extract the CBD oil at its purest form.

All products are lab tested by independent third parties, entirely free from psychoactive properties, with less than 0.03% THC.

We take great pride in the taste of our product to ensure an enjoyable experience.


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